Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ho Hum...

Yeah, yeah, yeah... So it's been months and I apologize to all my followers (however small that following might be). What's been going on you ask? Well as for me, I've been working on some mittens (you're shocked I'm sure *sarcasm*), and have found that embroidering on knitted items is a little more difficult than embroidering on tea towels. But it's fun and passes the time, so I'm game.

I've also been preparing for the new school year, which begins next week! I'm too young to have a 5th grader I've decided, I'm also too young to have a 10 year old. Where did the summer go? I don't remember the months ever passing so quickly when I was young, now it seems like all the days run together. Does anyone else feel this way?

As far as knitting with others, Thom and I have knitted together less this summer than I had hoped we would, but I'm optimistic and think our knitting sessions will become more frequent :)

On a side note, I'm seriously considering trying to sell my knitted goods on Etsy (for those of you that don't know what Etsy is, I recommend finding out and becoming part of the awesomeness known as buying "handmade"). I worry people won't like what I make or my work isn't good enough to sell to anyone, but with some encouragement I may find the strength to crawl out of my self doubt shell and just do it! Click on this link to check it out http://www.etsy.com/register.php?referral=knittyrin . You won't be disapointed!

For now, that's all I got for you good people following this blog. I promise to try and stay current from now on, but remember, I'm a busy mom that works full time and fills my quiet moments with knitting :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Brother Beanie

Wow...look how big my eyes are! This is the other hat I made my brother Zach.
Used some Vannah's Choice yarn from Hobby Lobby I had stashed.

Cut the pattern short so it would fit more like a beanie.

I sure love small projects. Instant gratification, that's what I'm all about!

Kick Sack for Jack

This is a kick sack for a baby. Made it for a guy at work who's wife had a baby. I finally got to work in the round changing colors and didn't mess it up. Joggless knitting in the round changing colors is so much easier than I thought it would be. The top is worked in a mock-cable.

Used some of the yarn I had stashed, it's a Hobby Lobby brand (Baby Bee) and for some reason I thought it was the best thing ever! I still have a ton of it sitting in a bag, all different colors. The infamous diagonal garter baby blanket was made of the same stuff.

Finally got to use some buttons! Mixed em' up to give it a unique look. The pattern called for sewing up the bottom, but I thought it might be handy if the bottom could be un-buttoned for changing those diapers!

Ta-Da! The finished sack!

Twilight Mittens

So yeah, I'm a Twilighter...I'm not ashamed. Don't judge me! Anyway, I found a pattern for these super easy, super cute Bella look-a-like mittens so I just had to make them. They were pretty quick and since there were cables involved I was game.

They do come to just below the elbows making them toasty hand and arm warmers.

The cables weren't too much trouble, actually had a lot of fun since I don't work cables that much. Will definatly make another pair (knittybird is wanting some :)

Used LB Woolease in Charcoal. Super soft and since it's a wool blend it get's pretty hot in these mittens.

More Mittens

Used Pattons SWS (Soy Wool Stripes)

Loved the way it varigated and it was easy to knit with, not a lot of un-eveness. Leans more towards the itchy side, so not sure I'll be using them a whole lot. Might get some SOAK to soften them up.

Manley Mitts

I have been on this mitten kick ever since I found a pattern that requires nothing but dpn's. I LOVE making mittens! So this is probably the 3rd or 4th pair I've made and definatly the biggest. I've learned that I don't have to change my needle size to get the mittens bigger, just change the weight of the yarn.

I love the way this yarn shaded in a way to make the thumbs on both mittens darker. Totally not planned. Used Moda Dea Tweedle Dea in Saharra on no. 3 & 4 dpn's. Super soft yarn and very thick when knith this tight, sure to keep your paws toasty!

Baby Llama Drama

So I love this hat pattern, if you can get on ravelry it's under the name "Utopia". Made this hat for brother Zach. Made from 100% Peruvian Baby Llama. Super easy quick knit. Made 2, this was the second. He liked them, so kept both! Plan on making another one for brother Travis. Hope to post it soon :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green to Keep Ya Warm

Here's Knittybird wearing the green neck warmer I made for her birthday. Worked in ss stitch on straight needles. Could have sworn I used an acylic yarn but once I was done, noticed that it was actually a wool blend. Ooops! So, it's kinda itchy. She was a sport and wore it anyway :)

Blanket Bob

Blanket Bob, a cute-sie alternative to the traditional blankie.

Worked completely with seed stitch

Up-close you can see where I dropped a stitch and didn't catch it, but decided to pick one up (?). Yeah, so I never said my reasoning was based on the correct way of doing things...don't judge me!

Make for baby Luraas... will also be giving a cute kicking sack and baby beanie.

Mommas Mittens

Whipped these up in 2 days flat. Very impressed with the yarn (di.Ve' Teseo) and how it striped. It's a merino/microfiber blend, so it's not too itchy.

Obviously I lost count on the right mitten and it's a tad bit longer than the left...but momma says she loves them anyway ( and they fit fine, so why shouldnt' she!).

This was my first project done COMPLETELY on dpn's so I was stoked when they turned out so awesomely awesome! Working on my second set now.

Pattern can be found on http://www.ravelry.com/ under "Warmest Mittens".

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Stripey

Well, lets talk about his hat. At first I was so excited, because the hate was cute and I was *sigh* using yarn from my basket of balled up stash. Well, I didn't think about how the stipes wouldn't match up when I went to sew the sides. But...I don't think a 7 year old cares if the stripes aren't even.
I think Taylars head is a little too big for this hat, but at the time she was the only model I had for the job :)
Big Ole' Tassels

The recipient of the hat, she seemed pleased!