Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green to Keep Ya Warm

Here's Knittybird wearing the green neck warmer I made for her birthday. Worked in ss stitch on straight needles. Could have sworn I used an acylic yarn but once I was done, noticed that it was actually a wool blend. Ooops! So, it's kinda itchy. She was a sport and wore it anyway :)

Blanket Bob

Blanket Bob, a cute-sie alternative to the traditional blankie.

Worked completely with seed stitch

Up-close you can see where I dropped a stitch and didn't catch it, but decided to pick one up (?). Yeah, so I never said my reasoning was based on the correct way of doing things...don't judge me!

Make for baby Luraas... will also be giving a cute kicking sack and baby beanie.

Mommas Mittens

Whipped these up in 2 days flat. Very impressed with the yarn (di.Ve' Teseo) and how it striped. It's a merino/microfiber blend, so it's not too itchy.

Obviously I lost count on the right mitten and it's a tad bit longer than the left...but momma says she loves them anyway ( and they fit fine, so why shouldnt' she!).

This was my first project done COMPLETELY on dpn's so I was stoked when they turned out so awesomely awesome! Working on my second set now.

Pattern can be found on under "Warmest Mittens".