Friday, December 5, 2008

such wonderful musings of a childhood past...playing marbles in the courtyard, dancing with the squirrels, lying for hours in a field of untended crabgrass, but most of all weaving intricate baskets with old man pepop down by the creek. oh the stories he would tell, fevered ramblings of his life as a pharaoh or the time he was bested in a gumbo eating contest with teddy roosevelt. the minutes would slip into hours as we worked, fingers adorned with willow splinters under the light of the moon. and such wonderful baskets we fabricated, only to be sold for a nickel a piece in market the next day. money, however, was of little consequence and over the years of toil a certain rapport developed between us, an unspoken bond as tight as the weave in our finest creel. in the wisdom of youth i thought it would last forever but i was wrong. it was on tuesday that he left me sitting by the rushes, slowly standing and peering at the sky with withered eyes he said to me "yarn my boy, yarn is the future..." before walking off into the ether. at the time i thought he was crazy. but then, i had some growing up to do...

basket weave beanie | 2 X 2 ribbing for about an inch | K5, P5 X 5 rows | decreased with this

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  1. soooo im not gonna lie i laughed when i read this. ur a dork. i wasnt sure how you were going to tie all this into knitting. i do however enjoy your hat.