Thursday, December 18, 2008

early thursday morning, semi drunk brain buffet

oh how i wish arial narrow was an option. meh. hi there! tom here, hopelessly barely drunk and anxious for more knitting. for starters, gotta thank my partner in blog knittyrin for making all this possible. it seems like only a couple months ago ( because it was ) we were hanging out at a little bar discussing god knows what when knitting came up. "sweet crackers!", i thought, "here's my chance!" and she totally helped me out getting started. so here we are, several months later, contributers to a blog that noone is reading and i couldn't be more excited. my brain swells in glorious anticipation of the endless array of knitted gold that could spring forth from a simple pair of needles. so many ideas, and oh yes, i have plenty of free time. some people want to own nice cars and houses, families and puppies...i just want to knit all those things and sell them at outrageous prices. or give them away at charity auctions for the spleen impaired. i would even consider an exchange for sexual favors from supermodels ;P regardless of where it leads, i WILL continue on this fantastic voyage, purl be damned! there is still so much to learn and though it may take years of practice, like the old song says...time is on my side...

domo beanie, knitted in the round, duplicate stitch eyes
the first of many(?) pop culture inspired projects from yours truly


  1. I'm going to find out where YOU live and come steal your hat...wait, I already know where you live. So what's stopping me you ask? Well let me tell you, it's that awkward path upstairs and than all the possible places it could be hidden. So yes. Maybe I'll ninja storm the place and you'll wake and find your head bare, cuz I'm shaving your head while I'm at it. Now what!?

  2. Okay that is freekin' sweet! Must have one!! I suppose one of the spleen impaired can get one first but I want on the list by god!!!