Thursday, December 4, 2008

36 oz. epilogue

9 more hours and then thrust back into the harsh december. the cold is a burden, unforgiving of my earlobes, and hotboxing is generally not my style. alas...winter is upon us all. the commercialization of holiday cheer makes me queasy but i still find myself digging at my hat pocket for change for the needy. the army drone cocks his head slightly in confusion and then a smile emerges as my quarter falls in the bucket. "merry christmas" he says, and i can only wonder how many other generous souls receive the same banal quote uttered through some strange pavlovian response to the sounds of mingling change. "merry knitting" i thought to myself, now that would have been worth a dollar...

3 beanies with 3 X 3 ribbing and a giant dishcloth posing as a baby blanket...funny how odd lighting can make things seems dirty :/

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  1. Finally! I can't beleive you actually posted something, finally! The beanies are awesome btw...