Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hat adventures!!!!

I am currently in a hat frenzy I have made two in the last three days and I'm getting ready to start a third. This is the first time I have knitted in a round!!! It was scary at first but once I got past the initial shock it was all gravy baby!! The first hat I knit was a floppy hat from a pattern on presents knits. The second one I completely revamped and made my own!! Making up a pattern as you go along is quite exhilarating. Here is a picture of my new hat and the pattern if anyone would like to make one!! Let me know how yours turns out!!!

What you will need:

Size 13 circular needles, Thicker yarn of your choice, Double pointed needles, and a yarn needle to tuck in the ends

CO 48 - be sure to cast on kind of tight, and do the ribbing tight, this makes the rim of the hat stretchy!!
Join in round
rows 1-8- K2, P2 repeat
row 9 - k4, m1 repeat
row 10- knit
row 11- k3, m1 repeat
row 12- knit
row 13- k2, m1 repeat
row 14-20 -knit
row 21- k4, k2 tog repeat
row 22- knit
row 23- k3, k2 tog repeat
row 24- knit
row 25- k2, k2 tog repeat ( I started using the dpns on this row )
row 26- knit
rows 27-29- k2 tog repeat

cut off the yarn leaving about six inches weave through last stiches using a yarn needle following your knittting needles pull together through the inside of hat tighten and tie off
note: m1 is make one in this pattern i personally used the method in the video make one away
I like this because it shows for both styles of knitting!!


  1. Great hat! I would sure love to have a lavender floppy hat to match my new lavender scarf that I just made! Sounds like you'll be teaching me 'how to' in a couple weeks when I'm there!

  2. Well, obviously you're not going to be teaching my sister how to knit in a couple weeks Knittybird... or will you???